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Leech }{ Gone
High traffic sites need special solutions to solve the two main problems: bandwidth utilization and server load. In this day and age, botnets are being used suck content, emphasizing the aforementioned problems. We have carefully analyzed this issue, and have come to the conclusion that a two-tier approach is needed to counteract such threat: attack pattern analysis, and effective access control.
This .htaccess replacement is a high performance filter querying a shared memory index which follows standard .htaccess ACL rules.
A client with more than 500 connections/second and a .htaccess with 1000+ allow/deny rules has experienced a significant performance increase, reducing load on the server from 5+ to 2+, leading to a much more relaxed webserver to handle real customers.
Spam }{ Gone
If you own a mailserver you will welcome this simple utility. Even if you use all the N-BL rules from spamhaus, spamcop, etc, your mailserver will still be too busy with botnet connections to be able to receive your actual real email !
We have analyzed specific patterns which apply to spam botnets and have designed a small circular index which blocks botnet IP's at kernel (iptables) level. It works with a small database, and a daemon tailing mailserver logfiles.
A client has seen reduction on the /var/log/maillog file from 40GB/week down to 800MB/week. And needless to say, his users are now actually receiving their email ! (NOTE: the drop in delivered spam to the local mailboxes is also comparably substantial)
Surfer {} Locator
Every webmaster running a website would like to know, in realtime, where their visitors come from. Software for this exists in throves, however, most methods are cumbersome and either crash the surfer browsers, or are not user-friendly (example you can't save the image and email it to your buddies). We utilize the GeoIP location database, and a semi-flat map projection to display a simple image (PNG or GIF formats). The visitor sessions are gathered using a small pixel which you can place anywhere on your site. An example from a running system is visible here, just click on the small map on the right
(reloading the image shows that the information is updated in realtime, unlike most of our competitors)
We specialize in real-time and high-performace system design, programming and implementation. Mission critical systems and OLTP need specialized solutions that cannot rely on run-of-the-mill software. We know what a "transaction" is, and most of our software is built with that in mind. Dedicated and distributed shared memory indexing delivers performance 1000x+ faster than any database, and we know what that means for our customers.
We work mostly with Solaris and C. And for administration purposes we use Php and Postgres.
Anything to do with transactions is totally incompatible with object-oriented programming, so we steer clear of that, which should only be used for building GUIs.
We use and recommend Sun Microsystems hardware, which we believe to be the best and most reliable for OLTP systems, but have wide ranging expertise with many hardware combinations.

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